Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Wine Incorporates This Surprising Ingredient


If you’re a Sauvignon Blanc fanatic, you can expect light, slightly dry, even tart notes when you take a sip. However, we all know that Sarah Jessica Parker – who is now an award-winning winemaker – is also a bold flavor maker. When she launched the brand new vintage of her coveted white wine, her co-founders introduced a flavor that might surprise some Sauvi B-loving palates. SJP says eat this, not that! exclusive about why she’s so excited to debut this mix now.

At a world wine event earlier this year, Invivo X, SJP (the name of Sarah Jessica Parker’s wine brand) won three major awards for their 2020 Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé. Now the actress has teamed up with her New Zealand vineyard partners (albeit virtually, in the face of COVID-19 travel warnings) to put the finishing touches on an expected new strain in 2021.

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With the video above, the team shared a final tasting of Sauvignon Blanc 2021. Regarding the taste sensations SJP is experiencing here, Invivo co-founder Rob Cameron says: “Every time we mix the new vintage of Sauvignon Blanc, Sarah Jessica drives the style keep moving forward and their mixing skills are really developing. “

Cameron explains that there is something unexpected in this year’s wine: The Sauvignon blanc “has added a touch of oak – given Sarah Jessica’s love for Chardonnay”. Cameron says this gives the wine “a beautiful, smooth, full-bodied palate” that “is still representative of Sauvignon Blanc with its tropical fruit aromas and a beautiful interplay of fruit and acidity, but with the unique handprint of Sarah Jessica.”

Sarah Jessica Parker says about Eat This, Not That !: “We’re delighted to be able to present our third Sauvignon Blanc to our fans just in time for autumn and the holidays.” She also offered some fun serving ideas: “This year’s mix … goes particularly well with holiday favorites like cheese before a big Thanksgiving meal or classic dishes like lamb chops and casseroles.”

No word yet on how soon you’ll be sipping Invivo X, SJP while watching the reboot of Sex and the City and just like that … Right now, a spokesperson tells us that the official premiere date has not yet been announced.

While we wait, there’s one more reason to support Invivo X, SJP: not only has the wine won 13 gold awards since its launch in 2019, but the proceeds from sales through are donated each month to To provide schoolchildren worldwide with over 27,500 meals. FEED’s partners on site.

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