Saying Goodbye To Kind 2 Diabetes & Dealing With Sleep Apnoea

Saying Goodbye To Type 2 Diabetes

Welcome to Motivate Me this week, where I have a great goodbye podcast to Type 2 Diabetes.

But isn’t sport cruel beforehand?

As soon as I wrote about the 18-year-old tennis star Emma Raducanu and the encouraging words of Marcus Rashofrd, he was thrown into the jaws of the lion himself at the EM 2020 strong message to the world, especially to the online trolls, where he made his mistake conceded at the penalty kick. He said:

“… I will never apologize for who I am and where I come from ….. The communities that have always hugged me keep me going …”

Rashford’s comments have traveled the world many times since then and have generated incredible emotion and support in the process. He didn’t write to me, but his words left a mark, especially his reference to “communities”.

For those of you who regularly read my weekly emails, you know that I refer to our support community a lot; how every clinic persuades, helps, challenges and supports its customers in its own way. Also how we don’t make any DEBT. As soon as you walk through the door, what happened yesterday or even this morning is a thing of the past – we learn and move on.

This week, Wednesday afternoon to be precise, I would have the pleasure of recording a podcast with a remarkable customer who changed her life.

Valerie Swan, bow down!

Valerie’s story in a nutshell. Cancer, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. Valerie has fought and beaten all three and learned a lot about herself on her journey and most importantly how she was able to stand up for herself and make fundamental changes that have dramatically improved her quality of life, both physically (2 stones Lighter than off). her type 2 diabetes medication) and mentally (she’s in a much happier place).

If sleep apnea is an issue for you, check out this: Valerie was Ireland’s first clinical nurse specialist in respiratory sleep apnea and she got some great insight and advice in the 19th minute of the podcast.

To listen to the podcast, please click here.


As always, thank you for giving me your time. Remember, you are not alone! The motivation community will always be there to support you.


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