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Silent Struggles

We all have problems and stress in our lives. Stress isn't always negative. Making changes or getting this job done on time can be a great motivator. However, dealing with our inner private thoughts can negatively affect our lives depending on how we deal with those thoughts – these silent struggles. If we allow these worries to affect our happiness and quality of life, it will require a different approach.

By replenishing fears / feelings, they can feel doubled in intensity. You may feel isolated thinking of unhelpful thoughts like "Nobody will understand," "Nobody can help me," "I have no choice," and so on.

Fear of judgment can be associated with this train of thought and we can feel like failures if we admit that we feel overwhelmed. When we have these silent struggles, our physical and mental health can suffer.

Physical health effects can include:

– heart disease

– obesity

– Asthma can get worse

– High blood pressure

– insomnia

– A headache

– tiredness

Psychological effects can be:

– depression

– isolation

– lack of self-respect

– Less concentration

– No motivation

These worries can lead us to use food and / or alcohol to deal with the emotions we are feeling. In this way we create a trust in food / alcohol to help us in difficult times. Eating is a temporary distraction and can cause more anxiety in the long run if weight gain continues.

To avoid using unhealthy methods of coping, it is important that you share your worries with someone you trust. It can be scary and uncomfortable, but you will feel a huge weight being taken off your shoulders.

These silent struggles / burdens must not be carried alone.

Don't be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others.

This blog post about silent struggles goes well with Robbie O'Neill's podcast on men's health. Click here to listen.


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