Sinead’s Weight Loss Story and The Significance of Maintentance

Sinead's weight loss story

This is the story of Sinead Weight Loss and the importance of keeping in touch with your clinic in order to maintain your target weight.

Sinead started out with motivation and weighed 10st 10lbs. She comfortably hit her goal of 9st 6lbs and then we haven't seen Sinead in a while. Summer came and Sinead disappeared.

As Sinead says, "I thought I would do fine, but one of my triggers (for overeating) is a lack of routine, and especially the kids not going to school."

Sinead found it difficult to take the time it took to worry about weight maintenance, or self-care as she puts it.

By the time Sinead returned after the summer, her weight was back up to 10st 3 lbs, and more importantly, her mental weight was 14st 10lbs.

For Sinead, mental weight was crucial in pinpointing the root causes of her weight problems. Her main triggers are guilt and perfectionism, which she has to admit to constantly working, and as she says, "If I don't cut out this self-care, I find it just sneaks back in so easily."

During the summer break, Sinead revived the old habits and the chief among them was eating rewards.

It wasn't until Sinead came back after the summer that she found she had focused more on the scales than "what I think and why I do".

Sinead says she couldn't have found out without coming back and contacting the professional help here at the clinic.

Sinead was completely lost with hypoglycemia. As she notes, hypoglycemia is a very effective way of addressing the issues raised in the Mental Weight report. How is she doing and what decisions and behaviors can and will she make when she has hypoglycemia under control?

The interesting thing about Sinead is how much she underestimated the negative effects of not treating hypoglycemia. Once she got this under control, many positive things started to come together.

Sinead was absent for just over a month and as Aisling points out, this is an example of the damage you can do to your weight loss efforts in such a short amount of time. Aisling rightly points out that it's important not to let feelings of guilt deter you from picking up where you left off. The sooner you get back on track the better, but even if it's been some time, it's never too late.

Sinead's goodbye advice: Stay in touch, because your clinic team will be there to support you. And it's a journey.

As we always tell our clients, weight loss is a journey because once you reach your goal weight, it's all about maintenance. Our maintenance program, which Sinead will confirm, provides regular maintenance checks that are critical to keeping it on track.

You can listen to Sinead's weight loss story below.


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