Steak and Aubergine Salad | Motivation Weight Administration

Steak and Aubergine Salad | Motivation Weight Management

This recipe is so delicious and perfect for those warm summer evenings. It's filled with protein with 3 of your 7 servings of protein, 1 serving of fat, and 2 free servings of vegetables.

This recipe will really impress any summer visitor, and it's so quick and easy to make. It's an all-round winner.

Ingredients for steak and eggplant salad

– 1 eggplant halved and thinly sliced

– 2 TBSP. of flour

– 2 TBSP. olive oil

– 400 grams of lean steak

– 200 g of lamb salad or spinach leaves

– 120 g feta cut into cubes

Dressing for steak and eggplant salad

– 1 green chilli cut in half and chopped

– Juiced ½ lemon

– ½ small pack (15 g) coriander

– ½ small pack (15 g) of mint leaves

Instructions for steak and eggplant salad

1. Dust the aubergine slices with a little spice in the flour.

2. Heat 1 tbsp. shimmering from the olive oil in a large pan. Put the eggplant in the pan and fry for a few minutes on each side until it collapses and is soft. Then set aside.

3. Turn up the heat, season the steak, add it to the pan and sauté for 2 minutes on each side (rare if you want it medium sized). Let rest for 5 minutes and then cut into slices

4. In a blender or small food processor, beat the remaining olive oil with the remaining ingredients of the dressing and a splash of water.

5. To serve, mix half of the dressing with the lamb salad / spinach and then place on a plate. Top with the crispy aubergine and steak, sprinkle over the feta and then drizzle over the rest of the dressing.

6. Sprinkle over the remaining herbs and serve.

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