Straightforward Floor Beef Dinner Recipes


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What if we told you that you can take a classic like a ground beef dinner and use it to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals? At Nutrisystem, making healthier versions of your favorite foods is a passion. Whether we’re delivering perfectly portioned meals to your door or making healthy ground beef recipes that fit your plan, we’re out here proving that you don’t have to go without delicious food to lose weight!

Lean Protein: It’s for dinner – and keeps you on track

Protein is an important part of your journey to better health. Our bodies use protein to make bones, muscles, hair, and skin. Protein is also important when trying to lose weight because it helps us stay full longer. It’s more thermogenic than carbohydrates and fats (meaning it needs more energy for digestion and absorption). This means that you will burn more calories eating a high protein food compared to something high in carbohydrates and fat.

Nutrisystem’s weight loss plan will provide you with the protein you need to meet your goals. You will enjoy a lot of delicious and convenient high protein dinners which we send directly to your home. We’ll also teach you how to prepare your own healthy, protein-rich meals that will aid your weight loss.

The key is to stick with lean proteins. For example, by switching from traditional, full-fat ground beef to lean ground beef, you can enjoy some of your favorite dishes in a healthier way without affecting taste or your health.

The nice thing about minced meat recipes is that they can usually be whipped up quickly and without much effort. Below we’ve rounded up six of our favorite simple ground beef dinners that will help you pack the protein while feeling completely satisfied with a delicious meal.

If you’re looking to lose weight but also crave the homemade goodness of a hearty casserole then look no further. We have the perfect recipe for you! This beef casserole is actually cooked on the stove so you don’t have to heat up your entire kitchen with the oven. It can be served quickly if you feel like it! There’s hearty beef and onion with creamy pasta all in a single dish that’s incredibly decadent at just 326 calories per serving. Click here for the full recipe! >

Spicy inside-out cheeseburger

This delicious recipe makes a cheeseburger healthier by using lean ground beef from pasture-raised beef. And it has a funny twist – it’s filled with reduced-fat cheese instead of being served on top. It also has a zesty kick with ingredients like Worcestershire sauce, jalapeno pepper, smoked paprika, and crushed red pepper. We also recommend serving it thinly on wholemeal bread to add fiber. At just 353 calories, it’s a tasty, filling meal without making a lot of sacrifices. Click here for the full recipe! >

Easy slow cooker taco soup with ground beef

This recipe guarantees you the delicious taste of a taco in a healthy, protein-rich soup! It’s easy to do too. After you’ve browned your beef and cooked your onions, just add some tomato paste and seasoning and place it all in a slow cooker. Throw away a few more ingredients, set and forget about it! The scent of tacos will soon fill your kitchen. Serve with some of your favorite taco toppings, like sliced ​​avocado or a tablespoon of sour cream for added flavor. A bowl of soup (without toppings) has only 217 calories. Click here for the full recipe! >

Air fryer meatloaf with lean ground beef

Meatloaf is another home cooked favorite. However, it is traditionally not as healthy if a combined mix of pork, beef, and veal is used. This can result in high levels of fat and calories. Our version trades in lean ground beef and uses a hot air fryer to keep it light. You’ll still get the taste and texture of an old-fashioned meatloaf (just like your mom used to do), but you’ll skip the excess fat and calories. In fact, one serving of this meatloaf only has 155 calories and counts as a PowerFuel and an extra on top of that Nutrition plan. It’s sure to be a recipe you’ll want to make over and over again. Click here for the full recipe! >

Baked Scottish Eggs

A Scottish egg is a boiled egg that is wrapped in sausage meat, coated with breadcrumbs, and then typically deep-fried. In our version, we took this British favorite and loosened it up by using lean ground beef instead of sausage. We also do without the breadcrumbs and bake it crispy. It’s still a high-protein dish with a hearty taste, but much healthier than the traditional version. One serving contains only 123 calories. Click here for the full recipe! >

Slow cooker kale and beef meatballs

The key to keeping your ground beef dishes healthier is to use lean meat. This recipe combines 93% lean ground beef with ingredients like onions, whole grain crumbs, and kale to create nutrient-rich meatballs that taste like a traditional favorite. Kale is full of good things like fiber, antioxidants, iron, and calcium – but you won’t even notice that it’s crept into those delicious meatballs. Our recipe makes six servings, counting three meatballs with sauce as one serving. Serve up these meatballs for an easier interpretation of traditional spaghetti spiralized zucchini noodles. Click here for the full recipe! >


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