Successs Breeds Success – Day 4

Successs Breeds Success - Day 4

Before we get into Todya's short blog post, "Reducing The Threat of Covid-19," a quick refresher on what procrastination is.

Procrastination is closed Postpone things or put them on the long finger.

And the question for you today is: Why do you keep postponing the decision to do something about your weight problem?


Today's post and day 4 in the series "How to Reduce the Covid-19 Threat".

People who are successful give themselves credit for their achievements (both large and small).

Procrastinators often do the opposite, constantly sitting down.

To be successful, we must learn to accept that if we have 6 out of 7 good days, it has been a good week and we should be satisfied with these results.

Remember – success brings success.

Here at Motivation, we work with our clients to help them see the positives, even if the natural tendency (from past mistakes) is to see the negatives.

Seeing, recognizing and celebrating success is the key.

Always was and always will be.

The core of our process of celebrating success is switching from red to blue, from negative to positive behavior. This is the core of our Mental Weight concept and we work with clients to change both the physical and, where appropriate, the psychological triggers for poor diet or lifestyle.

To help you get started, we developed the mini mental weight rating – a foretaste of the more detailed mental weight questionnaire that we fill out with our customers.

The Mini Mental Weight Assessment will help you uncover some of the habits, behaviors, and thought patterns that are sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Check your mini meal weight here – day 4


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