The Fact About Sugar Podcast

The Truth About Sugar Podcast

After years of fat being the number one health enemy, we now know that sugar is the leading cause of obesity and the overweight epidemic. And it's addicting and the body has very little use for it. The World Health Organization has lowered its recommendations for daily intake for adults and children.

Some key takeaways from The Truth About Sugar Podcast:

One. We don't need sugar. Sugar does not contain any nutritional value. It provides empty calories and we are already getting enough calories from our food.

Two. Reactive hypoglycemia. Many motivational customers will say at the beginning that they have a problem with sugar. They do not know that they are physically taking a drug every day and that they are quenching their addiction by consuming sugar.

What happened is her blood sugar rises through the roof. They feel a little better when they crash, and they don't realize that it is their body that craves sugar when they hit rock bottom.

Three. Many products in our supermarkets are filled with sugar. We now know that this is a significant contributor to obesity, but in addition to heart disease, where the arteries are hardened.

The average Irish person drinks around 100 grams of sugar a day. This equates to 25 teaspoons of sugar and the WHO says we should consume a maximum of 6 teaspoons a day.

For a child, two Weetabix cookies contain about half a teaspoon of sugar, but a bowl of Frosties contains about 9 teaspoons, which is already above the recommended daily allowance.

There are ten teaspoons of sugar in a can of cola.

There are thirteen spoons of sugar in a large can of Red Bull.

All of this excess sugar contributes significantly to heart problems, immune system problems, and accelerates aging.

Scientific research and evidence support the claim that sugar is just as addicting as cocaine. Sugar hijacks the part of our brain that deals with dopamine and reward. Basically, our brains get a nice little kick of pleasure after the sugar and it feels good (like cocaine). You get that kick and the body gets used to that amount of sugar and the brain craves more of the same drug to get the same effect.

We hold our customers hand when they lose sugar and we have lots of helpful tips:

One. Sugar is sugar, so don't replace it with other forms such as B. honey. Do you have substitutes that we know are very low in sugar, such as: B. our own motivational protein bars.

Two. Anything that has 5g or less per 100g of sugar of the product on the labels is a low sugar product.

Three. Alcohol. If you want to be sugar free, you have to park alcohol for a while. It would be a disaster and lock you into your sugar addiction.

Four. Exercise. It's one of the best things to do when you're losing sugar. Even a little regular.

Five. Forget about processed foods in jars or cans. They are very sugary. Use natural products whenever possible.

Six. Eat often so you don't get blood sugar dips.

Please note it is only a few days and you will feel so much better.

Our advice is to take a step back today and make a conscious decision to address your sugar habit. It will be one of the best short term and long term health decisions you will make.


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