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Motivation Initial Assessment

In this Motivation Assist Podcast we turn the tables with Meabh Coyle the interviewer and Aisling Connolly the interviewee. The topic of the podcast is the Motivation Initial Assessment.

Every person who walks through the door of one of our clinics must do an initial assessment. This initial assessment is a critical step in helping clients achieve their desired weight, and equally important in maintaining their desired weight once they have reached their weight loss goal.

The podcast walks you through what to expect in your first review and offers a good look at the usefulness and usefulness of a review for just $ 25. While we call it an initial assessment, it is actually a 45 minute consultation that gives you a wealth of information about yourself and aspects of your life that you can adjust or change right away.

The first thing you do is fill out a personal impact form at the clinic. We are using this form as a discussion document so that the weight loss consultant can get some background information about your lifestyle and eating habits. Understanding this is important as we tailor each weight loss program to suit each client's lifestyle and personal circumstances.

We'll look out for the top triggers that you posted the review with and explore what you think are the top reasons for your weight problem.

We also look at WHY you want to lose weight. This can be for an event like a wedding, but the WHY can also be an emotion, e.g. B. the desire to feel better or have better self-esteem.

Interestingly, there is a marked increase in visitors for health reasons; that they are more aware / better informed about the health risks of being overweight.

The initial assessment takes a number of key measurements:

With the body fat analyzed, we identify what more and more people are interested in and that is visceral fat, the inner fat that is most dangerous to your health.

We measure your visceral fat with our Tanita scale (this can be done regularly so you can watch the decrease in visceral fat rating and fall into the normal 1-12 category). A rating of 13 or higher is a warning sign that we will always point out in your first assessment.

  • Height and weight for BMI or Body Mass Index

We measure your BMI, which is an estimated healthy weight for your height.

If you're 14 stone or 89 pounds and a 6 foot tall man, you are likely a healthy weight, but if you are the same weight and much shorter than that, like a 5 foot tall woman, you will be overweight.

One thing is certain, the ideal weight is certainly not a size for everyone!

Your metabolic age is how your basal metabolic rate (BMR), or how many calories your body burns at rest, compared to the average BMR for people your chronological age in the general population. BMR is just a measure of a person's overall health and fitness.

Blood pressure is an accurate indicator of obesity. We measure your blood pressure at each consultation and record it along with the other measurements. As with most clients, watch them fall inward over time in a healthy range for your height and weight.

For most people who do the initial assessment, we find that this is the first time they can open up and talk about their weight issues. By and large, this is not a planned outcome, but the private and personal nature of our 1: 1 initial assessment gives people the opportunity to talk about how they are really feeling overweight.

Obesity is a very personal problem for many and the group-based programs are not the ideal place for this type of discourse. What we generally find is that the initial assessment helps lift the often oppressive mental weight that people carry. From then on, the program starts and the physical weight drops.

The first motivated assessment costs only 25 € and at the end of the consultation you are not obliged to sign up for one of our tailor-made weight loss programs.

If you would like to book an initial review for yourself, please click here.

Perhaps your trip to this page was to help a loved one or family member. In this case, you can consider a gift certificate for the initial evaluation. You can buy one at any of our clinics across the country or click here to buy one online.


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