The Significance of The Journey – Our Irish Olympians

The Importance of The Journey - Our Irish Olympians

Welcome to Motivate Me this week and the importance of travel.

Training to become an Olympian. During the week she listened to one of the rowers and talked about how she parked her career three years ago so that she could focus entirely on her Tokyo trip. For many of the Irish athletes, the odds are slim – less financial resources and, in many cases, having to go abroad to find facilities that meet the demands of their discipline.

Training as an Irish Olympian. It’s an amazing journey and, by and large, I am celebrating each and every one of our athletes. I keep my biggest cheers for those blown out of the amateur setup. They have given the most and have no professional sports contracts / careers to fall back on. They are the real Olympians in my opinion.

Irish team, Tokyo Olympics:

Phil Healy – Nadia Power – Siofra Cleirigh Buttner – Louise Shanahan – Ciara Mageean – Sarah Healy – Sarah Lavin – Michelle Finn – Eilish Flanagan – Leon Reid – Marcus Lawler – Mark English – Andrew Coscoran – Tom Barr – Fionnuala McCormack – Aoife Cooke – Paul Pollock – Kevin Seaward – Stephen Scullion – David Kenny – Alex Wright – Brendan Boyce – Chris O’Donnell – Cillian Greene – Robert McDonnell – Sophie Becker – Cliodhna Manning – Nhat Nguyen – Brendan Irvine – Kurt Walker – Michaela Walsh – Kellie Harrington – Aidan Walsh – Aoife O’Rourke – Emmet Brennan – Liam Jegou – Nicholas Roche – Eddie Dunbar – Dan Martin – Emily Kay – Shannon McCurley – Felix English – Mark Downey – Tanya Watson – Oliver Dingley – Cathal Daniels – Sarah Ennis – Sam Watson – Bertram Allen – Darragh Kenny – Cian O’Connor – Heike Holstein – Rory McIlroy – Shane Lowry – Leona Maguire – Stephanie Meadow – Rhys McClenaghan – Megan Ryan – Ayeisha McFerran – Chloe Watkins – Hannah Matthews – Sarah Torrans – Nicci Daly – Roisin Upton – Hannah McLoughlin – Deirdre Duke – Katie Mullan – Shirley McCay – Sarah Hawkshaw – Lena Tice – Naomi Carroll – Lizzie Holden – Sarah McAuley – Anna O’Flanagan – Michelle Carey – Zara Malseed – Liz Murphy – Megan Fletcher – Ben Fletcher – Natalya Coyle – Sanita Puspure – Monika Dukarska – Aileen Crowley – Ronan Byrne – Philip Doyle – Paul O’Donovan – Fintan McCarthy – Emily Hegarty – Fiona Murtagh – Eimear Lambe – Aifric Keogh – Aoife Casey – Margaret Cremen – Jordan Conroy – Billy Dardis – Ian Fitzpatrick – Foster Horan – Jack Kelly – Terry Kennedy – Adam Leavy – Hugo Lennox – Harry McNulty – Gavin Mullin – Greg O’Shea – Mark Roche – Bryan Mollen – Annalize Murphy – Robert Dickson – Sean Waddilove – Derek Burnett – Shane Ryan – Darragh Greene – Mona McSharry – Daniel Wiffen – Danielle Hill – Ellen Walshe – Brendan Hyland – Finn McGeever – Jack McMillan – Jack Woolley – Carolyn Hayes – Russell White


Your personal weight loss journey will not require the same physical exertion as our Olympians, but in many cases it will require significant mental exertion. You won’t find a modern day Olympian who doesn’t have or use the resources of a sports psychologist to prepare for major events.

We at Motivation have long recognized these challenges and our support tools will help you overcome and deal with these psychological problems as soon as they arise. Defeat or defeat is routine and how athletes deal with it is just as important as their physical well-being. We also operate a guilt-free zone at Motivation and briefs, as we call them, are part of the journey. We learn from mistakes and move on. It’s a crucial part of learning on the journey.

Your own weight loss path should be self-recognized, and most importantly, take pride in your accomplishments, even if you have not yet reached your weight goal.

In our world, our Olympians are all those customers who are dedicated to travel. The trip is not a guarantee of gold, but it does give customers the confidence, knowledge, and ability to hold a weight at or near the destination.

The importance of travel should never be underestimated or underestimated.


As always, thank you for giving me your time. Remember, you are not alone! The motivation community will always be there to support you.


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