This Is A Nice Invention However It Can Actually Hamper Weight Loss

This Is A Great Invention But It Can Really Hamper Weight Loss (1)

The sun is shining and I have to say I feel so much happier. Good weather is a great pick-me-up and that good mood is a sheer joy. It has been so difficult that getting much needed relief is great.

Obstructing weight loss means obstructing or interrupting your weight loss efforts. The cell phone is probably one of the most helpful and destructive things we have in our possession.

A little over four years ago we launched our own mobile app. This was an important milestone as it recognized the drive to digitize audio and much of our printed matter.

What exactly do I mean by digitization? Two short stories will illustrate this better than any business-like explanation.

About a year before the mobile app, I was in a consultation with a client and asked her how she would hear the specific tracks I'd recommended over the past week. She said defiantly when I have to go to my car to listen to the CD as we don't have a CD player in the house.

Another client expressed frustration when her CD player was in the living room next to the family TV and it was just awkward to find the time alone to listen to her CD.

The opportunity to digitize the CDs and put them online was a must and hey presto – the Motivation Mobile App.

In the past four years, I've had a lot of requests for new features in the app. This leads me to the point of today's email:

In an odd 25 years, the internet and smartphones have heralded many great improvements in the way we conduct our daily routines. On the flip side, they can also be seriously addictive and destructive.

We plan to add more functions to the mobile app in the future. However, our main concern is not to create features that force our customers to constantly check the app for updates etc.

Death scrolling is a term I heard recently that perfectly sums up what we were all guilty of. However, this infinite scrolling is always possible if we currently prefer a social media platform.

This week's blog post is key to you and your weight loss efforts for a very important reason.

We know, and that's not old nonsense Sleep is critical to effective and long-lasting weight loss.

It must be said that sleep is vital to many other aspects of our lives as well. I'm not a sports fan, but I remember listening to the former Irish soccer star many years ago talking about his training regime and taking the time to sleep most of the afternoons. Ask any top athlete and they will know only too well how important and restful sleep is.

Good sleep is not reserved for top athletes.

Good sleep is important to all of us.

Smartphones are increasingly the root of people with insomnia.

The blog post is a huge hit in that it suggests some key changes in how you interact with your own smartphone.

If you're doing one thing this weekend, check out this blog post. The changes may seem uncomfortable, but at least you've done a research on the options available to you to improve your sleep.

Improve your sleep – don't hinder your weight loss – etc. – etc. It is a ripple effect.


Another greeting for the eBook with the grill recipe. Simply our most downloaded eBook of all time. When this sun shines, it is there again.


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