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This Made Me Laugh

That made me laugh.

I can't remember ever telling a joke here, but this one is good and there is a purpose in my telling.

More on this below.

Aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews gather at a family dinner to celebrate a special birthday. From one end of the table, one of the very young nieces ignores her food and looks attentively to the other end, to her uncle, whom she does not see that often. He works abroad.

The uncle notices her steadfast gaze, smiles, waves and politely asks her why she isn't having dinner.

She replies and everyone hears: "I'm waiting for you to drink like a fish."

Uncomfortable silence.


While it's a joke, it is a reminder of how direct children can be.

No nuances. No edges.

Right in the middle.

They tell how they hear it.

If you are motivated, we do the same. But we do this privately in our one-on-one meetings.

We do it without guilt or reprimand. It's not our role.

Our job is to provide the framework and tools to change your habits and behaviors in and around food.

Food is also a collective term for anything that you consume orally that contains alcohol.

Faster and more efficient weight loss is best achieved without consuming alcohol. We are not advocating that you give up alcohol forever. Far from that, for the duration of your weight loss program, we recommend that you just park it.

There is no doubt about the massive challenges the successive lockdowns have brought, and nothing more than our drinking habits. Many people enjoyed a casual drink at their local pub or restaurant over the weekend. Those options are gone, and for many, drinking at home is now the norm.

This is challenging on so many fronts.

I've written quite a bit about alcohol and how it negatively affects weight loss. Below are links to some of these articles. I've also attached a direct link to one of our assist sheets.

Let's talk about alcohol – click here to download it.

5 Ways Alcohol Is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts – Click Here To Read.

Alcohol and Weight Loss – Click Here to Download.

My parting message to you today is to make a conscious effort to park alcohol for the duration of your program. When you start a maintenance plan, try to find an alternative.

For every unit of alcohol there are three or four waters. Cheer up the water so it has some flavor. Made easy – click here for some tips.

By the way, this is a habit that is so easy to fall into and that you will not regret.

As always, I hope you've found something useful in Motivate Me and this week's This Made Me Laugh issue.


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