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Discover your Why

Discover your why

You have a goal – it can be a weight loss goal, or a waist or body fat measurement – and you want to achieve it. Why sometimes, or even often, fail to make decisions that will help you move closer to that goal? The simple answer is that you've forgotten your WHY.

Go back and connect again

Think back to the beginning, when you first set the goal. Whatever we are trying to achieve, it is far more powerful to think about the “why” that underpins that desire. Ask yourself, "Why do I want this?" and "How do I think my life will change for the better when I achieve it?" (Pay attention to the “when” here and not the “if,” as the main thing you should be sure of is that you will achieve it.)

Try to listen to the answer quietly. Then ask yourself again, "Why?" dive a little deeper. Continue this query for a few minutes and hopefully you will get to the root of the matter. It may surprise you that sometimes you don't really know why: in this case, it's important to ask questions, keep pushing the why, and you should get there.

Usually our goals are closely related to our values, so for example a customer might say to us, “I want to lose weight and get fitter,” which is their goal, but the why behind it could be, “Because I want to be able to play with my children (or grandchildren) without getting out of breath ”. When motivated, we can help people get to their “why” with some questions and research.

Dig deep to improve your goals

Achieving the “why” behind our goals can often be difficult in and of itself, but not impossible. This is an important part of goal setting that is often overlooked – possibly because to get it right you need to dig deep into your values ​​and what is really important to you. If someone can write down or become aware of his or her values, he will approach goals with confidence and clarity. It just makes it easier to make good decisions to bring not only current happiness and satisfaction but also into the future.

Knowing exactly the reasons why we want to achieve a goal will help awaken the energy we need to hold onto it. When we are tested – during times of illness or stress, for example – it is all too easy to lose sight of our goals and make wrong decisions. However, turning back to the "why" can help revive those goals. Another example is someone who says “I want to improve my cooking”. However, this goal is not enough if someone is not taking care of the cooking. You have to think about WHY it is important to you: "So that I can feed myself and my family properly" – that is more motivating!

Still fighting? Start by writing core values

Here are three processes you can try to uncover your core personal values:

1. Think of positive experiences

Consider a meaningful moment or an extremely positive experience in your life. one that stands out. Ask yourself, "What values ​​did I honor at this point?" Examples of core values ​​include the belief that the family is fundamental. the belief that honesty is always the best policy or the belief in a healthy work-life balance. Here is a list of core values ​​that can trigger your thoughts.

2. What are your “must-haves”?

Beyond your basic human needs, what must you have in your life in order to experience fulfillment? Is it creative self expression? A strong level of health? A sense of excitement and adventure? Always learning? What personal values ​​do you have to honor or part of you wither?

3. Prioritize them

How many core values ​​should you end up with? Too little and you will not grasp all the unique dimensions of your own personal values. Too many and you will either forget or not take advantage of them. Aim for between 5 and 10. Put them in order of importance. This is often the hardest part. You may need to complete this step in multiple sessions. Then do the process again. It can be very interesting to see what is coming.

It's worth spending 10 or 20 minutes discovering your core values ​​- and then your "why". Then, if you align your goals with these values, the chances are very high that you will be successful. The most important thing, however, is to do this throughout your weight loss journey. not just at the beginning. It's probably the most effective way to get hold of it in the easy and challenging times, and the only real way to keep making the healthier choice the easier one to choose.

“Your values ​​create your internal compass that can guide the way you make decisions in your life. If you jeopardize your core values, go nowhere. "
– – Roy T. Bennett


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