What Two Fears Are You Born With?

What Two Fears Are You Born With (2)

Interesting feedback on last week's humor. I'm glad it went down well. You won't know until you hit the send button.

When I send the weekly email, the first thing I read is (always) in my own inbox. For the sake of common sense, I suppose. Are there any typos? Does it look ok Does that make sense?

When I read about Motivate Me last week, I thought of that joke and how the niece failed to see the implications of her question. While it's a joke, another point of view is that she wasn't scared.

Fear, or more precisely fear of failure, is the topic of this week's email.

To address the issue, I ask two questions:

  1. What is the number one weight loss hurdle? (It's fear of failure)
  2. What two fears were you born with? (Have a guess before reading the blog post)

Both questions are covered in two short and excellent blogs. Written in 2015, six years later, and they are just as relevant to this day.

Regardless of where you are on the weight loss / maintenance continuum, these two blogs are well worth 10 minutes of your reading time. You can find the links below.

  1. What is the number one weight loss hurdle? (Part 1)
  2. The No. 1 Weight Loss Hurdle? Fear (part 2)

One of our support tools is a series that we call Assist Sheets – Handouts dealing with specific topics that we know our clients need to deal with on their journey with us. Here is an excerpt from Reasons for mental weight blocks, a help sheet that covers 11 reasons for mental blocks:

The fear of a failure block is more common than you think. It is well known that before major sports competitions, some athletes intentionally or subconsciously injure themselves in order not to compete. They are so traumatized by the fear of failure that they'd rather find excuses to withdraw from their event than risk losing. They fear failure that would weaken their already bad self-image. They are like the ostrich that hides its head in the sand so as not to see anything. Trying to escape reality, however, is never the answer.

Please ask your advisor for a copy of this information sheet or download it here.

Hope you find inspiration and good advice in this week's Motivate Me – "What Two Fears Are You Born With?"


Wow, so many BBQ Recipe eBook downloads. I picked it up again this week. I really hope that you can take advantage of the nice weather and try some of them out.

What two fears were you born with? The ability to understand these fears and manage them safely is critical to successful weight loss.


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