Wholesome Fridge and Pantry Makeovers for Weight Loss

Healthy Fridge and Pantry Makeovers for Weight Loss

As spring approaches, it seems like a perfect opportunity to focus on the refrigerator and pantry as the main areas where cleaning can lead to serious weight loss. Apply these tips to your workspace kitchen, snack drawer, and car glove box for maximum benefit.

Organizing your kitchen can help you prepare healthier foods faster. Preparing and precooking healthy main dishes means getting organized and ready on time, which as we all know is half the battle. Organizing your fridge and pantry can inspire more home cooking, ingredient awareness and serving size.

Some people like these evictions incremental – I'm more intense than that so I always try to do it over the course of a day so that it gets done and dusted off in one fell swoop! Weekends are usually best, or a quiet morning during the week if you work from home or are parents who are staying at home. If it all feels too overwhelming, ask someone for help or put it on a shelf at the same time – there's no rush, but you'll feel better the moment you do it – satisfaction guaranteed!

7 suggestions for refrigerator cleaning

1. Your refrigerator is one of the best displays of your shopping and eating habits. Be aware that there are too many refined or sugary foods in there that have been linked to obesity and food cravings.

2. Learn to read food labels so you know what to throw away and what to keep. Read our guide to labels here.

3. Store fruits and vegetables in the sharper drawers and make sure which ones don't need refrigeration. Make sure you have a nice, colorful selection, such as: B. Lots of leafy greens with possibly red peppers and juicy tomatoes.

4. Protein foods should be paramount: turkey, chicken, shrimp, smoked salmon, lean meats and cheese should be on the middle shelf where you won't miss them – they form the foundation of all of your meals.

5. Relish, condiments, and dressings should go to the door of the refrigerator where the temperature fluctuates. Remember that Ballymaloe Relish is practical and can be used in moderation, and mustard can be used liberally.

6. Keep the milk on the top shelf along with the water so that you can see and drink it regularly.

7. Consider creating a healthy goodies section with hard-boiled eggs, Greek yogurt or hummus, or a healthy bean-based dip.

7 suggestions for a healthy pantry

1. A cleanup is likely fine and will help you identify whatever needs to go. Throw away items that are packed with sugar, sodium, and preservatives and anything that is really unhealthy. Use unrefined sweeteners in moderation during weight loss, such as coconut palm sugar or stevia.

2. Read cereal labels that are notorious for hidden sugars and sodium. Go for whole grains instead – just stick to Weetabix and porridge or a low-sugar cereal.

3. Get rid of prepackaged sauces or jars of sauces – for example, instead of a pan sauce, make your own with soy sauce, lemon juice, and a little chili and garlic. If you swap packages of whole "real" groceries, you will likely save money too! To the

4. Next, make sure you have a bunch of healthy foods on hand – nuts (and nut butters), dates, olives, seeds, popcorn, etc. are all great. Always have healthy staple foods handy – extra virgin olive oil and spray, lentils, beans (canned and dried), seeds and nuts, tomato paste, and canned fish like tuna or sardines are all super healthy.

5. Update your storage bins: Food storage bins need to be easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store. If you don't, replace them immediately. Use clear canisters for pasta, nuts and muesli to keep them fresh and look more appealing by sorting by type.

6. Balsamic vinegar is a great option for salad dressings and can be used liberally.

7. Spices and herbs can also be used as often as you like – so be sure to stock up! This also applies to stock cubes, which are ideal for delicious soups in winter.

Next, you'll know that you're going to be tidying up your wardrobe – to make room for clothes that are one size smaller!

It's a realistic and exciting destination for spring!

Happy Healthy Fridge and Pantry Debug!


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