Why Did not I Lose Weight This Week?

Why Didnt I Lose Weight This Week

The number one cause of discouragement with a weight loss program is a lack of weight loss on the scales. And most people have a week when it does and they don't lose weight.

A person who successfully loses fat every day gets smaller. When fat is burned, the body has to remove the waste products (mostly water) through the kidneys. This waste liquid can sometimes be retained for a period of time to artificially add to the number on the scale. If you don't know what is happening, you can lose your motivation and end your weight loss plan.

Your body has stored fat, protein, water, salt, bones, brain tissue, and waste products. And every day you put in a certain amount of water and remove a certain amount of fluid. When you burn fat, that fat is converted into water and waste products, and these by-products are then eliminated. When you exercise, healthy muscle tissue is built so the weight on the scale is a good one.

All of these items in your body will affect your weight based on how much of each is there when you step on a scale. Water retention from medication, excessive salt intake, hormones, or changes in your menstrual cycle can push your net weight up even though you will lose fat during this time. Bowel irregularities can cause a temporary increase in net weight of up to 3 pounds, or nearly 1.5 kg. A full bladder can add an extra pound or so. The weight of the muscle tissue growth can add pounds too.

So when you step on a scale you basically get a number, and if the number is less than before, you have lost "weight" on the scale. Usually you can believe this indicator of progress, but you cannot believe it if you have followed your program closely and the scale does not show it.

Please do not fall into the "scale watcher" trap. Just looking at the weight on the scales will likely base your motivation on it. Think about changes in body composition rather than the weight of the scale. Take a look at how your clothes fit – are they looser? Can you deal with things that became too small for you before you started your weight loss program? If so, you've lost fat, and that's the name of the game: fat loss instead of weight loss. The scales usually lag behind the changes in size by one to four weeks. So don't lose your motivation for the wrong reasons.

You have to work to lose weight, but success comes to those who commit.

Do not give up.

You can do it!


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