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Value For Your Body

Episode # 14 in the Motivation Assist Podcast series is on Worth to you body.

This podcast deals with the uncertainty people can have when they come to motivation for their first counseling session. *

The reason for this is that they have spent a lot of time and money on a variety of different diet programs over the years – all to no avail.

Because of this, there is of course a lot of skepticism and the feeling of what will be different this time. What we can and what we show is that, apart from the health benefits and many, you actually save money with the motivational weight management program.

This leads to a good price-performance ratio. The quick fixes and diets may look good value for money, but they aren't. They don't work and you end up back in first place feeling disappointed and betrayed. Please note: you didn't fail, the quick fixes and diets failed you. There is a big difference!

The fact is, for most motivation customers, once they are on board and following their weight loss program, the cost is really, if at all, mentioned again.

Why? The benefits of having more energy, sleeping better, feeling better, being lighter, and maintaining weight loss are tremendous. The payoff in terms of better quality of life is massive.

Also, your body will perform better. This means you are less likely to get sick and when you do get sick the recovery times are much faster.

One point worth mentioning: the more years you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, the higher the later the cost of poor health. If you take care of yourself now, you will save yourself a significant amount of pain, pain, and money.

What price would you pay to have:

– confidence

– Self-esteem

– a healthy body

Think about the value to your body.


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