You Can Slip however Do not Give up!

You Can Slip but Don't Quit

Dr. Larocque has a great saying and we use it in the clinic all the time. “You can slip, but you can't stop. "

He always reminds us that the greatest quality we possess during our weight loss journey is our stamina!

Maybe you had a tough week of temptation and maybe you indulged too much? Now it is time to draw a line in the sand and tell yourself that what is done is done.

I can't change the past, but I can learn from it.

Remember, your weight loss is a journey, not a one-off event.

How people see their mistakes seems to make the biggest difference in how quickly they get back on track. People who recover quickly (from a break in eating) are people who don't believe that a mistake is a total failure. You don't give yourself up. Instead, you look at the situation that caused it.

There are more than a few of us who have "missed" our diet from time to time. What we need to do now is a recovery strategy to get back on track.

The main thing is to analyze what happened instead of criticizing yourself for short-lived mistakes in exercise or eating behavior. By identifying the events that triggered the bug, you not only learn what caused the bug, but you quickly see that it wasn't a character bug that caused it. It is likely that it is a situation or emotion that was unavoidable at the time. YOU DO NOT SUFFER FROM A CHARACTER FLAW! It was likely external events that caused the slip.

Next it is important to develop a strategy for "recovery". Talk to you If we can believe that weight gain is a calorie intake and calorie loss problem, what must you do?

Is it more exercise?

Or is it just that you have eaten too much and have had to cut portions for a while?

Don't tell yourself that you lack self-control. This statement has no meaning. All you need to do is establish a set of behaviors or habits that will turn things around.

Just do it.

Have a smaller meal tonight and then have minimal or no snacks in the evening. If you do this three days in a row you will see how quickly you can get back on track.

Plan a longer training session than normal this weekend. that will motivate you too. Rewrite or review your goals. Remember what you achieved when you first started and get back to basics.

Above all, please do not criticize yourself. Develop a strategy NOW to get back on track. Remember, you can slip but you won't stop.


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